IBM Case Foundation V5.2 C2070-982 Dumps

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1. An organization has IBM Case Manager deployed to manage credit card applications and their business users have requested a weekly report and chart to be generated which includes task completion times for their platinum customers.

Which one of the following components would be used to assist in the generation of the report?


2. A customer would like to set up a Content Platform Engine with full workflow functionality. The Content Platform Engine and IBM Case Foundation software must be installed, configured and then deployed on an application server.

Which is the correct procedure to initialize the isolated region for the Workflow System?


3. A specialist has deployed and configured a Content Platform Engine application.

How would the configured workflow system be checked?


4. A P8 administrator has been requested to move existing isolated regions, into the same database as the related Content Platform Engine (CPE) object stores, to better organize the data.

Which of the following scenarios is supported when moving isolated regions?


5. A workflow system administrator can define special groups or users that restrict access to the Process Administrator, Process Configuration Consol e and Process Designer applications via an access role. If these groups or users are defined for an access role, a user must log on to the corresponding application as a member of that access role.

Which access role does a user need to be a member of to access Process Administrator from the Admin page in Workplace or the Tools menu in Workplace XT?


6. At a company, the more advanced workflow users are requesting the ability to monitor the progress of certain workflows that they recently launched. They would like to see which steps have been completed, when they were completed and which steps are currently active.

How can this capability be provided?


7. An IBM Case Foundation architect is implementing a system that includes a wide area network. There is a concern that the wide area network will have slow latency.

Which parameter should be adjusted?


8. At a minimum, IBM Case Manager implementations require which IBM FileNet P8 platform components to be installed?


9. IBM Case Manager 5.0 is supported on the following directory servers? (Choose two)


10. A Which of the following statements is true when working with a Case Manager solution in a development environment?


11. Which tool is used to copy the solution package from development environment to the production environment?


12. Which statement is correct in regards to the use of IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules under the IBM Case Manager license?


13. An administrator has installed IBM WebSphere ILog JRules under the Case Manager License agreement and is going to deploy an ILog Decision Service.

Which statement is correct?


14. Which two are allowed under the IBM Case Manager license agreement? (Choose two)


15. Which statement is correct in regards to the use of Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) under the IBM Case Manager license?


16. Choose two steps below that you would perform when validating the installation of an IBM Case Manager application into a production environment? (Choose two)


17. Which tool is used to define the application server properties, define the Content Engine server properties, define LDAP provider accounts and properties, and to deploy the Case Manager API and Case Manager Builder to the application server?


18. When conducting a single server installation using the IBM Case Manager Platform Installation Tool, which one of the following databases is supported?


19. When conducting a single server installation using the IBM Case Manager Platform Installation Tool, which one of the following directory service products is supported?


20. When configuring the Case Manager Builder application, what configuration profile should be created?


21. In the Case Manager Client profile, there are "Registering the client to IBM Mashup Center server" and "Registering the IBM Mashup Center server" tasks.

Select two answers for when you need to run the "Registering the IBM Mashup Center server" task? (Choose two)


22. What does this command accomplish: "configmgr_cl execute -task deploycaseclient -profile myprofile [­silent] [-force]"?



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