How To Pass The 600-460 UCCEIS Exam Quickly?

Implementing and Supporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 600-460 UCCEIS exam is for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist. You can learn from the Cisco certification information website that the 600-460 exam contains 7 large topics, 7 large topics contain multiple small topics, and you need to complete 65-75 questions in 75 minutes. Therefore, if you want to pass the 600-460 exam is a bit difficult, you need to practice more to pass.

Share some 600-460 study materials to help you pass the 600-460 exam faster. You can test online and download 600-460 PDF instantly.

1. In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution, if the private network fails but the visible network is still operational, which statement is true?

2. Which two things can cause the "Send to VRU" to fail within an ICM script for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal? (Choose two.)

3. Refer to the exhibit.

This exhibit is the setup of the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Server. Based on this configuration, which two options must be configured in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Configuration Manager tool? (Choose two.)

4. In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution with SIP Dialer, which option lists the correct order to setup the components (assuming the agent peripheral gateway host already exists)?

5. The customer is using Cisco Unified Intelligence Center on a virtual machine and reports that the license has become invalid. Which four options can cause this problem? (Choose four.)

6. Which three rules apply when configuring agent teams? (Choose three.)

7. Which option describes the steps to configure a non-global Not Ready code for a Cisco Unified ICM team using Contact Center Enterprise solution with Cisco Finesse?

8. Which two options are needed in the Cisco Finesse Platform installation wizard? (Choose two.)

9. Which option describes how many reason codes you can assign across all teams using Cisco Finesse Admin?

10. What is the maximum number of agents that can be configured within Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise up to release 10.5?

11. Which dial number patterns are needed on a Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise deployment when configuring Cisco Unified CVP?

12. Using queuing at the edge with SigDigits, which option describes what "param sigdigits 3" on the bootstrap service accomplishes?

13. Which statement about when you deploy Cisco Unified CCE on Cisco UCS C-Series Tested Reference Configuration Servers is true?

14. Which two statements about when you install/deploy Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise VMs on VMware ESXi hosts are true? (Choose two.)

15. What must be enabled when configuring voice gateways to support SIP dialers?

16. Which three objects are created by the Domain Manager tool in the Cisco Unified ICM? (Choose three.)

17. Which two Cisco Unified ICM scripting nodes support dynamic setting? (Choose two.)

18. Which list of scripting objects is valid in a Consider If formula for Precision Queue?

19. Which two statements about Precision Queues are true? (Choose two.)

20. You have deployed a VXML application named MyVXMLApp. Which variable name must be passed using one of the user.microapp.ToExtVXML ECC variables?


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