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Solution developers are preparing for C9530-001 IBM Certified Solution Developer – Integration Bus v10.0 certification to prove that they have the knowledge and experience to use IBM Integration Bus V10.0 to develop, deploy, tune, and support platform-independent message flow applications that use various messaging topologies to transport messages between service requesters and service providers, as well as enable the messages to be routed, transformed, validated, and enriched during processing. So IBM C9530-001 exam becomes more and more popular. To help you and other solution developers pass C9530-001 exam, DumpsBase has great Integration Bus v10.0 C9530-001 IBM Dumps for your success.

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1. What is the first step in creating an IBM Integration Bus (IIB) based pattern?


2. How can WebSphere Service Registry & Repository (WSRR) information be pre-loaded into the IBM Integration BUS (IIB) cache before sending any messages to the message flow?


3. Which statement about the Cloned node is true?


4. When using the set of aggregation nodes, how does a developer tie the fan-out flow with the fan-in flow when it is included within the same message flow?


5. Which tool allows a configurable service to be imported and exported between systems?


6. A message flow reads messages from a queue Database Node fails to insert data in the table. If no error handling and rollback is implemented in the message flow, which of the following statements is true?


7. A developer creates a message flow that uses a DecisionService Node.

Which command must the developer use before deploying the message flow?


8. In the User Trace output shows the following message:

2016-04-12 16:17:18.242605 5344 UserTrace BIP2539I: Node


Evaluating expression ”I + 1”


(‘MapToRequestor.CopyMessageHeaders’, ‘6.14’). This resolved to ”1 + 1”. The result was ”2”.

What does 6.14 indicate here?


9. Which protocol for security is not supported by IBM Integration Bus?


10. A developer is trying to investigate slow processing times with a specific message flow.

What tool would be used to investigate this?


11. A service interacts with a backend system which replies with a message correlation.

When processing request/response messages from the backend, no messages were received by the flow.

Which may be the probable cause of failure?


12. A developer plans to create two new message flows. Flow1 that uses TimeoutControl and TimeoutNotification nodes in Controlled mode, and Flow2 that uses only the TimeoutNotification node in Automatic mode.

The Integration Node is installed on a system without IBM MQ installed.

What problems will the developer encounter?


13. While developing a REST API what node should a developer use to receive messages?


14. An Integration Server contains a shared library with a common error handling routine. The shared library is redeployed with an updated error handling routine with some new logging. When will the applications that use the shared library start using the updated routine?


15. Which statement regarding security profiles is true?


16. The format of a policy UPL is apiv1/policy/MQTTSubscribe/Test.

What policy has the developer created?


17. A message flow is started with JMSInput node and no Message Domain is specified. The flow received an input message of type TextMessage with no JMSType header included.

What would the default message domain be as the message is propagated out of the node?


18. What are two options for creating an MQEndpoint policy? (Select 2.)


19. What can the DatabaseInput node be configured to do?


20. Which statement about the .NETCompute Node is true?


21. A developer has used version and keyword information to keep track of the different Integration solutions being developed.

What command is used to display this information?


22. Which statement about the XSLTransform node is true?


23. While processing messages in a message flow, Java exceptions are encountered.

Where should more details on these Java exceptions be found?


24. How does a developer assign Pattern properties from a message flow?


25. How can end-to-end transactionality be achieved in a SOAP message flow?


26. What is one method to keep the cache clean in IBM Integration Bus?


27. What is the result of the command mqsisetdbparms -n DB2_1 -u test -p test123?


28. In configurable services that have the UserDefined type, which node is used to read and modify properties dynamically at run time?


29. The security team has informed the Integration Bus developers that they need to start using SSL when using the web user interface. Administration security is still disabled.

What does the developer need to do to now access the web user interface?


30. Which node can be used to capture failures for a sequence of nodes?


31. On a Linux system, trace node is configured with Destination set to a file. The trace node should be executed if a message processes successfully. A message is processed through the Integration flow successfully but no file is written.

How can the problem be determined?


32. Which command is used to display the version of all the installed components?


33. Which statement is a reason to use external eXtreme Scale data cache with IBM Integration Bus?


34. Which statement is true regarding IBM Integration Bus (IIB) integration with Business Process Manager (BPM)?


35. Two different sets of applications are deployed to Integration Server 1 and Integration Server 2 respectively, as shown in the image below.

What is the advantage of using the Integration Server embedded HTTP listener to the Integration Node listener?


36. What is one to set the flow debugger port?


37. Which is true regarding MQ topology options for IBM Integration Bus?


38. Which statement about the DFDL parser and domain is true?


39. A flow started from an MQInput Node has multiple database interactions from Compute, Java Compute and Map Nodes. All relevant node transactional properties are set to automatic. XA is not configured. Where are the transactions committed in the flow?


40. Which destination can a trace node output not to be written to?


41. Which terminal is wired to check for any exceptions within the node?


42. Which of the following statement regarding the SAPInput Node is true?


43. An IBM Integration Bus Administrator has configured the configurable services DataCaptureStore, DataCaptureSource and DataDestination and ensured the WebUI users are setup correctly.

However, when running messages through the Integration flow, nothing gets recorded into the database.

What could be the missing step in the configuration of the message flow?


44. How should a Developer move an IBM Integration Bus installation and its components to another physical location?


45. In what format does the Flow Exercise save the message processed through the integration flow?


46. Which type of container can allow for runtime isolation, ensuring that updates to one group of deployed resources do not affect another group?


47. Which node supports the propagation of an LTPA v2 token in IBM Integration Bus?


48. A developer is migrating SOA based applications to IBM Integration Bus Toolkit. There are existing WSDL files that are available to the developer.

Which solution type should the developer select?


49. How does IBM Integration Bus allow for the debugging of Pattern Projects?


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