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IBM Certified Specialist C9020-660 exam is so hot in IBM industry, which is one of the oldest tech companies around. IBM has instant brand recognition for sales, brand loyalty, and world-class cutting edge solutions to today’s tech problems. IBM offers the related certification to help familiarize IT professionals with specific IBM systems and solutions in order to become proficient and better at all things IBM related.

To improve your career in IBM Storage system, pass IBM certification C9020-660 exam now. Test FREE IBM Traditional Workloads Sales V1 C9020-660 dumps questions below.

1. Which resource should a customer review when documentation on best practices for a proposed IBM Storwize V7000 for an SAP environment is needed?

2. How can a sales representative get answers about IBM Real-time Compression?

3. What is the Solution Assurance (SA) Trigger Criteria and Designated Product List (DPL)?

4. Who is responsible to maintain the record of Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) completion when a TDA is completed for an IBM storage solution sold by a Business Partner?

5. IBM Business Partners face a penalty for Critical Situations (CritSits) caused when a Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) is not completed.
What is the penalty amount in U.S. dollars that IBM imposes if a CritSit arises in this circumstance?

6. A customer is purchasing an IBM storage subsystem that will be first in the enterprise and is listed on the IBM STG Solution Assurance Trigger Criteria and Designated Product List (DPL) as mandatory for first in customer location.
What is the sales team required to complete in this situation?

7. During which phase should a Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) be conducted for determining power cord configuration?

8. Which Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) is conducted after solution design but before proposal to the customer?

9. Which Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) ensures all physical requirements have been met?

10. Who is responsible for the completion of all action items and recommendations from the TDA?

11. Which open source interface enables a customer to connect a storage infrastructure to a public cloud?

12. Which IBM solution offers archive storage for private cloud to customers?

13. What is the virtualization driver for block storage that enables OpenStack integration for IBM storage?

14. Which IBM product is web-based self-service storage provisioning?

15. How does the IBM Software Defined Storage (SDS) deliver a new generation of overall efficiency and analytics?

16. Which IBM offering provides analytics-driven data management?

17. The real time fraud analytics application of a banking customer is suffering from slow I/O response time from its Tier 1 disk storage.
Which IBM solution will enable consistent microsecond latency for this critical application?

18. Which IBM storage solution provides a powerful hardware platform with compression that can support the massive volumes of data created by today’s demanding cloud and analytics applications?

19. Which LTO tape drive generation was the first to support tape encryption?

20. Which midrange IBM disk solution supports data at rest encryption?


FREE Dumps Questions for IBM C9020-661 Exam

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