Express Security for Account Managers (ESAM) 700-551 Dumps Updated

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Free 700-551 Demo Questions, Part of 700-551 Updated Dumps 

1. Which are three elements of the Cisco security practice pathway? (Choose three.)


2. Which are three key products and benefits of the Datacenter threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)


3. Which are two key products and benefits of the Campus and Branch threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)


4. Which incentive program lets you showcase Cisco technologies cost-effectively?


5. Which are three key security vectors customers need to monitor to overcome security challenges? (Choose three.)


6. What is a great option for new customers within Platform Selling?


7. Which are three key customer issues with vulnerable cloud? (Choose three.)


8. What component of NGFW and NGIPS provides a unified image, which includes the Cisco ASA features and FirePOWER Services?


9. Which three are attack vectors protected by Web Security? (Choose three.)


10. What are the three key issues that customers with compliance standards issues are dealing with? (Choose three.)


11. Which are three Cisco Advanced Threat solutions? (Choose three.)


12. What are two major opportunities of selling security solutions? (Choose two.)


13. Which are three resources Cisco provides to build your practice? (Choose three.)


14. Which three options are Web and E-mail Security products? (Choose three.)


15. What NGIPS appliance would you use if your customer is at the enterprise level and requires modular architecture that is scalable?


16. What is an example of an integration services?


17. Which are two attack vectors protected by DNS-Layer security? (Choose two.)


18. Which two attack vectors protected by Cyber Threat Defense and Network Analytics? (Choose two )


19. Which three are profit incentives for partners? (Choose three.)


20. Which are three key solutions and features of the email threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)


21. What are three key business outcomes customers are looking to achieve? (Choose three.)


22. Which are three key products and benefits of the e-mail threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)


23. What are two ways Cisco helps partners Go-To-Market? (Choose two.)


24. Which are two attack vectors protected by Email Security? (Choose two.)


25. Which are three small budget customer concerns? (Choose three.)


26. Which are three key products and benefits of the web threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)


27. Which are three customer use cases addressed to achieve the best outcome? (Choose three.)


28. Which are three main benefits of building a security practice? (Choose three.)


29. What customer use case is challenged by device incompatibility, OS diversity, and a multitude of 3rd party applications?


30. What managed service integrates deep expertise with cutting-edge technology leading intelligence, and advanced analytics to detect and investigate threats with great speed, accuracy, and focus?


31. What are three of the main areas of the Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio? (Choose three.)


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