Cisco Video Infrastructure Design VID 500-701 Exam Dumps

Getting real 500-701 exam dumps from DumpsBase is a great way to pass Cisco Video Infrastructure Design VID certification exam. We have updated 500-701 exam dumps to ensure that you can pass Cisco certification 500-701 exam successfully. We recommend to read all 500-701 exam questions and answers in pdf file and testing engine carefully. Then you can answer the real 500-701 exam smoothly.

Free Cisco 500-701 Exam Dumps Online

1. When writing new App in Tropo, in what format should the App Scripts be saved?


2. Which product is a Call Control Server that supports both voice and video communication?


3. What is a function of a call control solution?


4. Where are license keys entered in TMS?


5. Which conferencing solution is designed for highly scalable meetings, training and events?


6. Which Cisco WebEx Products can support over 5000 attendees?


7. Which deployment model is the best solution to accommodate fail over for Cisco Meeting Server?


8. What is oAuth?


9. Which system uses intelligent Audio to cancel out background noise?


10. How is TIP defined?


11. What must be configured to setup a Directory connector for Cisco Spark Hybrid?


12. Which room system can also function as a white board?


13. Which statement is true about APIs and SDKs?


14. Which type of API is used to configure settings on Cisco Meeting Server?


15. Which is a protocol used in the H.323 standard?


16. Which Cisco UC videophones can be registered to Spark?


17. Which cisco Meeting Server component is used for interworking between different communication protocols?


18. Which is a protocol used for sharing content?


19. In a Resilient and Scalable Cisco Meeting Servers solution where should TURN Servers be configured?


20. Which is a protocol used in the traversing of media across a firewall through the Expressway?


21. What is a function of a management solution?


22. Which product is required for scheduling a CMR Hybrid meeting?


23. What do Enterprise Settings on Cisco Spark determine?


24. Which Cisco Spark Bot type act as a text-based remote control for external services?


25. How many simultaneous HD calls can be supported on a Cisco Meeting Server 1000?


26. Which statement is true regarding endpoint registration authentication?


27. Which Cisco WebEx Center has program and campaign management?


28. Which Cisco WebEx product can be integrated in a CMR Cloud or CMR Hybrid deployment?


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