Cisco CCIE Wireless Written Exam 400-351 Dumps

Cisco 400-351 exam is the written exam for CCIE Wireless certification. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Wireless (CCIE Wireless) certification assesses and validates wireless expertise. Receiving CCIE Wireless certification requires you complete two steps as following:

  • Step One: CCIE Wireless Written Exam
  • Step Two: CCIE Wireless Lab Exam

Just complete the step one now. Cisco CCIE Wireless Written Exam 400-351 Dumps ensure that you can pass 400-351 Exam successfully.

1. You are designing a wireless network for a museum. One of their requirements is to track people inside the museum and push a notification into their tablet device as soon as they step in front of a painting with information about the artist and the painting. This information must be delivered in real time. You are using regular probe request-based tracking and during testing. You notice that although the tablet Is connected to the museum Wi-Fi network, the location is not updating in real time as you move. It can take almost 2 minutes for the location to be updated. Which option is the likely reason for this issue?


2. You want to set up Prime Infrastructure to be notified when a device configuration has changed. Which option is available in Prime Infrastructure 2.2?


3. Which three types of ACLs are supported by the Cisco 5760 WLC? (Choose three.)


4. When connecting an autonomous access point in workgroup bridge mode to a WLAN configured on a Cisco WLC. Which two options are true? (Choose two.)


5. Which enhancement was introduced in 802.11ac Wave 2 and was not present in 802.lln?


6. Which IEEE protocol can help a wireless client device to identify nearby APs that are available as roaming targets?


7. For "Local mode" APs, which multicast mode is recommended when configuring Media Stream on a Cisco WLC?


8. Which event happens when a wireless client connects to a Cisco 5760 Converged Access Controller with a WLAN configured for AAA override enabled and an invalid VLAN (not configured on the Cisco 5760) is returned as part of RADIUS accept message by the Cisco ISE server?


9. Which three statements about 802.11ac are true? (Choose three.)

Which three statements about 802.11ac are true? (Choose three.)


10. When configuration an autonoumous access point, which configuration broadcasts two SSIDs?


11. In a common loT infrastructure architecture, which technologies apply to the category of a field area network?


12. Which statement about the integration of ISE with Cisco Prime Infrastructure version 2.2 is true?


13. With the introduction of mDNS policies in AireOS release 8.0, the administrator can configure to identify who uses the Bonjour service instances and in which location. Based on user 802.lx authentication. aAAA server/lSE can be configured to return which two possible values in the form of a "CISCO-AV-PAIR"? (Choose two.)


14. Which major block is not included in the ETSI Network Function Virtualization reference framework?


15. You are the wireless administrator for ACME corporation. You must configure a Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switch to work as mobility agent to allow access point association to this switch. Which statement about this scenario is true?


16. You are the network administrator of a Cisco Autonomous AP deployment. You want to stop a client with MAC address 5057.a89e.b1f7 and IP address from

associating to your APs. Which configuration do you use ?



Drag and drop the events involved in a typical location tracking workflow from the left into the correct order on the right. Not all items are used.

18. Refer to the exhibit.

Which feature (and associated show output) is seen here?


19. You have configured VideoStream on a Cisco WLC and users are now viewing the company video broadcast over the wireless network. How can you verify you have VideoStream configured and working in the Cisco WLC GUI?


20. Refer to the exhibit,

which is a configuration snippet of a Cisco 5760 controller running code IOS XE 3.6.3. Which statement about wlan 11 is true?


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