Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Certification NS0-171 Dumps

NetApp NS0-171 exam is one of Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Certification exams. NetApp offers two Cisco® and NetApp® FlexPod certifications:

  • FlexPod Design Specialist: Pass NS0-171 exam for FlexPod Design Specialist certification. However, NS0-170 exam is being replaced by the new NS0-173. Both exams are available until the end of 2018 at which time NS0-170 will be retired.
  • FlexPod Implementation and Administration Specialist: Pass NS0-171 exam for FlexPod Implementation and Administration Specialist certification. NS0-171 exam is being replaced by the new NS0-173. Both exams are available until the end of 2018 at which time NS0-171 will be retired.

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1. What are two valid cluster interconnect switches? (Choose two.)


2. A Cisco UCS system is operating in FC End-Host Mode. The fabric Interconnects are uplinked into Nexus 5672UP switches using native FC. The service profiles are unable to boot from SAN using FC. When executing the show flogi database command on the Nexus switches, only the Fabric Interconnect port WWNs are visible. No service profile WWNs are shown.

What caused this issue?


3. Click the Exhibit button.

An administrator is building a FlexPod configuration with UCS 6296 Fabric Interconnect devices that support legacy Fibre Channel 9FC) connections. The administrator uses UCS Manager to configure the unified ports on the Fabric Interconnect.

Referring to the exhibit, how many ports will FC use after the configuration is completed?


4. An administrator is configuring a Flexpod Datacenter solution. The UCS service profiles will use FCoE connectivity to the NetApp cluster.

Which pool is needed to configure the vHBA templates?


5. Which LIF role is used for SnapMirror traffic on a system running clustered Data ONTAP?


6. Which set of commands maps VLAN 100 to VSAN 100?


7. Which feature allows Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches to be virtualized at the device level?


8. A Cisco UCS chasis has two power suppliers connected to one PDU and two power supplies connected to another PDU. You would like to protect against the failure of one entire PDU.

In this scenario, which power policy should you configure in UCS Manager?


9. Your customer needs a new Nexus switch that can support at least ten 40GbE ports, and has room for future growth. Your customer would also like the new switch to be Application Centric Infrastructure- ready.

Which switch meets these requirements?


10. After deploying a FlexPod solution, which tool would you use to validate a successful installation?


11. You are attempting to establish a cluster peer relationship between two NetApp clusters, but the peering process fails.

What is a cause for this failure?


12. An administrator is deploying a FlexPod solution for use with VMware vSphere 6.0. The storage environment consists of a two-node AFF8040 cluster running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 with a single DS2246 disk shelf fully populated with 800 GB SSD drives. The system is configured to use Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP). The administrator wants to ensure that each node is configured with the same amount of recourses while also using hot spares for resiliency.

In this scenario, how many total disk partitions will each node have available for the data aggregate?


13. You are asked to configure the computer resources in a FlexPod solution to ensure that jumbo frames are configured end-to-end.

Which three actions must you perform to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)


14. The NetApp Vistual Storage Console is used to set which three setting categories on ESXi hosts? (Choose three.)


15. A server administrator calls you complaining that an uplink on both UCS Fabric Interconnects went down. Each Fabric Interconnect has a vPC to the Nexus 500 switches. After logging in to the switches, you notice that all vPC member ports on the secondary vPC peer switch are down. The vPC peer keepalive is still operational.

What is the problem in this scenario?


16. An administrator has a FlexPod solution with VMware vSphere. The administrator is migrating all network traffic from standard switches to vSphere distributed switches. Virtual machines (VMs) are currently using VM port groups called VLAN_500 and VLAN_501 on standard virtual switch vSwitch3. A new distributed switch called dvSwitch_VM is created and new distributed port groups are configured for each VM traffic VLAN. VMs are configured to use the new port groups. After the change, VMs on VLAN 501 report a loss of network connectivity; however, VMs on VLAN 500 are not showing any connectivity issues. The symptoms are experienced for VMs on all ESXi hosts.

Which action must the administrator perform to solve the problem?



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