CCNP Service Provider Exam 300-510 SPRI Dumps Updated For You

With the intent-based networking, service providers can take advantage of automation to scale and secure their infrastructure. Cisco CCNP Service Provider certification becomes so hot because it is one of the hot service provider certifications. 300-510 SPRI exam is a concentration exam for CCNP Service Provider certification. We have updated the CCNP Service Provider exam 300-510 SPRI dumps to ensure that you can pass 300-510 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions (SPRI) exam. Then you can ask for CCNP Service Provider certification.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

A network operator is troubleshooting TE tunnels and discovers that the soft preemption is not working as desired.

Where should the soft preemption be applied to solve the issue?

2. Refer to the exhibits.

A network operator is troubleshooting packet loss seen from the R1 loopback interface to the R2 loopback interface over the core network. The operator is attempting to identify the next leg in the path from PE1.

Which interface and label path should the operator investigate next?

3. 168.39.0/24) in area 2 to stop the flooding of all the customer routes. While checking

the routing table of R2, the engineer noticed that R1 is still sending only specific routes to R2.

Which configuration should the engineer apply on R1 to summarize routes?

4. A network consultant is troubleshooting IS-IS instances to identify why a routing domains is having communication problems between the two instances.

Which description of the possible cause of issues in the routing domain is true?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about this configuration is true?

6. Refer to the exhibit.

All routers on this network have been configured with P1M-SM and R1 is the rendezvous point However, when asymmetric routing is implemented to modify link usage the network begins to drop certain multicast traffic.

Which action corrects the problem?

7. In a PIM-SM environment, which mechanism determines the traffic that a receiver receives?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

Which attribute can router 1 alter so that only other iBGP peers prefer to use as the next hop for route

9. Refer to the exhibit.

While configuring router 2 with all the default values, a network engineer cannot see any route received in router 1.

How should the engineer solve the issue?


An engineer is troubleshooting end-to-end customer traffic across an MPLS VPN service provider network.

Which tasks should the engineer use to solve the routing issues? Drag and drop the table types from the left onto the most useful troubleshooting tasks/router types on the right. (Not all options are used.)

11. An engineer is troubleshooting slow performance issues on a customer’s network after the last multicast configuration change was applied on it While checking the running configuration on the router the engineer notices there are many ip igmp join-group commands applied on several interfaces of the router which caused the high CPU utilization usage.

What action must the engineer take to solve this issue?

12. Refer to the exhibit.

P1 and PE3 Cisco IOS XR routers are directly connected and have this configuration applied. The BGP session is not coming up. Assume that there is no IP reachability problem and both routers can open tcp port 179 to each other.

Which two actions fix the issue? (Choose two.)

13. Which cost is the default when redistributing routes from BGP to OSPF?

14. Refer to the exhibit.

P1 and PE3 Cisco IOS XR routers are directly connected and have this configuration applied. The BGP session is not coming up. Assume that there is no IP reachability problem and both routers can open tcp port 179 to each other.

Which action fixes the issue?

15. Refer to the exhibit.

A network operator wants to expand the segment routing global block in upcoming maintenance. The operator must ensure that the changes to the segment routing global block have no adverse impacts on the prefix-sid associated with the loopback0 interface used within the OSPF domain.

Which command can the operator use to enforce R2 to have a strict prefix-sid assignment to loopback0?





16. Refer to the exhibit.

How are packets directed through the data plane when SRv6 is implemented?

17. Refer to the exhibit.

Routers within the cluster are not receiving the desired prefixes.

What must be done to fix the issue?

18. Which command is used to enable BIDIR-PIM under global configuration mode for Cisco IOS XE Software?

19. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer has successfully fixed BGP peering issue. R1 has an established eBGP peering with R2 and R3.

Which mechanism should the engineer apply in order to steer the traffic correctly?

20. What is the characteristic of enabling segment routing for IGPs?

21. Refer to the exhibit.

Router 1 is connected to router 2 on interface TenGigE0/1.

Which interface provides the alternate path to when the link between router 1 and router 2 goes down?

22. Refer to the exhibit.

There is a connectivity issue between Customer-1 and Customer-2 File servers between the customers cannot send critical data R3 routes are missing from the routing table on the Customer-1 router All interlaces on Customer-1 are up.

Which configuration must be applied to router R2 to correct the problem?

23. What are three requirements for a static IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel? (Choose three.)

24. Which expression, when used with the as-path-set command, matches the AS path attribute of the route?

25. Which two differences should be considered when deciding whether to implement to implement routing policies or route maps? (Choose two.)

26. What are two differences between OSPF and IS-IS? (Choose two.)

27. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer reports that Host-1 is failing to receive streaming traffic from the IPTV source. The engineer has confirmed that hosts on router R2 are receiving traffic normally and that Host-1 is correctly sending subscription messages to join the IPTV stream.

Which action must the engineer take to correct the problem?

28. Which statement about BFD on Cisco IOS XR Software is true?

29. Refer to the exhibit.

XR1 and XR2 are sending the prefix to XR3. A configured policy on XR1 is incorrectly prepending AS path 11 11 12 12 onto this prefix. A network operator wants to add a policy onto XR3 that will not allow the falsely prepending prefix from being installed.

Which policy configuration applied to the XR3 neighbor configuration for XR1 can accomplish this requirement without impact to other or future received routes?





30. Refer to the exhibit.

After troubleshooting BGP traffic steering issue, which action did the network operator take to achieve the correct effect of this configuration?

31. Which output from the show isis interface command helps an engineer troubleshoot an IS-IS adjacency problem on a Cisco IOS-XR platform?

32. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is addressing an IS-IS design issue which is running within the topology. All links are running on FastEthernet, except the link between R5 and R4, which is Gigabit Ethernet.

Which statement about the design is true?

33. An engineer is troubleshooting a connectivity issue across the MPLS network and is verifying the forwarding behavior of packets.

Which table does the engineer look at to verify the forwarding behavior of an IP packet as it enters the MPLS network at the ingress LSR?

34. Refer to the exhibit.

Which tree does multicast traffic follow?

35. Refer to the exhibit.

A network operators configuring BGP PIC on CE1 on already established neighborships with PE1ana PE2 inside the fully converged MPLS network.

Which element needs to be implemented to make this feature function effectively?


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