CCNP Routing & Switching 300-135 TSHOOT Dumps

Updated CCNP Routing & Switching 300-135 TSHOOT dumps will ensure that you can pass 300-135 Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks exam. The current version of 300-135 dumps is V25.02 with 71 questions and answers. The valid and latest 300-135 Q&As are cracked by experienced Cisco experts, which can be the great learning tool for CCNP Routing & Switching 300-135 TSHOOT exam.

Free demo questions for Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT Dumps Below

1. Which of the following is the ping response to a transmitted ICMP echo datagram that needed to be fragmented when fragmentation was not permitted?


2. Which two of the following options are categories of Network Maintenance tasks?


3. Which three of the following are reasons EIGRP neighbor relationships might form?


4. What type of cable is used to connect to the console port and aux port of two routers together?


5. Which statement best describes GRE protocol?


6. You are troubleshooting an issue with a GRE tunnel between R1 and R2 and find that routing is OK on all intermediary routers. The tunnel is up on R1, but down on R2.

Which two possible issues can prevent the tunnel from coming up? (Choose Two)


7. Part of the router config:


service password-encryption

! username user1 password 7 3456346735735467342

username user2 password 7 3456347636735733567


aaa new-model



Device# show archive log config all

idx sess [email protected] Logged command

1 1 [email protected] logging enable

2 1 [email protected] logging size 200

A client reports all password in plain text after running ‘show archive log config all’.

How can you prevent/ encrypt all messages?

Device# configure terminal

Device(config)# archive

Device(config-archive) # log config


8. WFQ not supported on control plane


9. Refer to exhibit.

I―-fa0/0―-router branch 1――-S0/2――-Core―-S0/1―-Router HQ――――-fa2/1CI

Branch 1:

Tu 1 =

L1 =

S0/2 =

Fa0/0 =


TU 1 =

L1 =

S0/1 =

Fa2/1 =

Which Ip Address should be configured as the tunnel source on the HQ router for maximum resiliency?


10. What Debug command is used to identify and troubleshoot ip fragmentation and path maximum transmission unit discovery issues?


11. A network engineer has configured GRE between two IOS routers. The state of the tunnel interface is continuously oscillating between up and down.

What is the solution to this problem?


12. Which two statements about GRE tunnels are true? ( Choose two )


13. Refer to the statement.

%TUN-5-RECURDOWN: Tunnel0 temporarily disabled …

Which statement indicates a cause for Tunnel0’s connection failure?


14. When troubleshooting recursive routing issues with GRE tunnels, which three actions resolve the issue? (Choose three)


15. What will happen if client A will telnet to this device.

―-Output from config―-

service password-encryption


line console

password a123124


line vty 0 4

password asdfasf12


transport input telnet



16. How to fix the ACL?

Client 1 is unable to telnet the terminal Server C IPv6 ACL

Client 1 Terminal Server

Switch ――C Router ―― Internet

Client 2 /

Client 1 C adb:2018::xx:1

Client 2 C adb:2018::xx:2

Terminal Server C adb::2018::yy:1

ACL on router.

10 permit tcp host adb:2018::xx:2 host adb::2018::yy:1 eq telnet

20 deny tcp any host adb::2018::yy:1 eq telnet

30 permit tcp any any eq www

How to fix the ACL?


17. A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP connection between RouterA, IP address, and RouterB, IP address

Given the debug output on RouterA, which statements is true?


18. HSRP Case

You have been asked by your customer to help resolve issues in their routed network. Their network engineer has deployed HSRP. On closer inspection HSRP doesn’t appear to be operating properly and it appears there are other network problems as well. You are to provide solutions to all the network problems.

You have received notification from network monitoring system that link between R1 and R5 is down and you noticed that the active router for HSRP group 1 has not failed over to the standby router for group 1. You are required to troubleshoot and identify the issue.


19. The following debug messages are noticed for HSRP group 2. But still neither R1 nor R2 has identified one of them as standby router. Identify the reason causing the issue.

Note: only show commands can be used to troubleshoot the ticket.


‘Mar 26 11:17:39.234: HSRP: Et1/0 Grp 2 Hello out Active pri 100 vIP

‘Mar 26 11:17:40.034: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello out Active prj 130 vIP


‘Mar 26 11:17:40.364: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello in Standby pri 100 vIP


‘Mar 26 11:17:41.969: HSRP: Et1/0 Grp 2 Hello out Active pri 100 vIP

‘Mar 26 11:17:53.338: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello out Active pri130vlP

‘Mar 26 11:17:53.633: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello in Standby pri 100 vIP


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