CCNP Collaboration Certification Exam 300-815 CLACCM Dumps V11.02

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1. What is first preference condition matched in a SIP-enabled incoming dial peer?

2. Refer to the exhibit.

Within the North American Numbering Plan, gateways located in Ottawa, Canada and marked as “YOW” are assigned to the Calling Party Transformation CSS NANP_CgPTP, which contains partition NANP_calling_xforms.

What is the calling-party number and the numbering type if the calling user +1613-555-1234 dials the number?

3. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager globalized call routing is implemented and must confirm that it is correctly implemented without making a call.

Which tool do you use for verification?

4. Which services are needed to successfully implement Cisco Extension Mobility in a standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager server?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

The Cisco Unified Border Element receives an INVITE matching inbound dial peer 5002. The outbound dial peer supports only iLBC. and a Local Transcoding Interface is allocated.

Based on the configuration and SDP from the INVITE message, which codec is chosen by Cisco Unified Border Element for the inbound call leg?

6. Refer to the exhibit.

A user reports that when they call a specific phone number, no one answers the call, but when they call from a mobile phone, the call is answered. The engineer troubleshooting the issue is expecting the far-end gateway to cut through audio on the 183 Session Progress SIP message.

Which SIP Profile configuration element is necessary for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to send acknowledgement of provisional responses?

7. Which action is correct with respect to toll fraud prevention configuration in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express?

8. Which configuration element of a hunt group allows for changing Calling Party Transformations settings?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

Users report that when they dial the emergency number 9911 from any internal phone, it takes a long time to connect with the emergency operator.

Which action resolves this issue?

10. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer allows analysis of calls from which two devices? (Choose two.)

11. An administrator is troubleshooting call failures on an H.323 gateway via the CLI.

To see signaling for media and call setup, which debug must the Administrator turn on?

12. What is a component of Cisco Unified Mobility?

13. An engineer is configuring a call park feature in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

Which command does the engineer use to ensure that the call is reverted to the user after 60 seconds?

14. Refer to the exhibit.

In an active SIP call between phone user A and phone user B, phone A initiates a call transfer to phone user C.

Which two scenarios are correct? (Choose two.)

15. Which section under the Real-Time Monitoring Tool allows for reviewing the call flow and signaling for a SIP call in real time?

16. Refer to the exhibit.

DN 1003 was the last to ring during the most recent call.

Which hunting method ensures that DN 1005 is presented with the next call when the hunt pilot is dialed?

17. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer configures Cisco Unified Border Element to connect the enterprise VoIP network with a SIP telephony provider. Calls are not working in either direction.

What must be configured in the dial peer 1 to fix the issue?

18. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is troubleshooting an issue where inbound calls to Cisco UCM with early media fail to establish. While investigating the issue, the engineer finds that Cisco UCM is set to require a PRACK. but the Cisco Unified Border Element is not sending it.

Which command is causing this issue?

19. Where on Cisco Unified Communications Manager do you configure the standard local route group for a group of devices?

20. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is troubleshooting a situation where a call placed from a phone registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not complete. The administrator wants to use the Dialed Number Analyzer on Cisco Unified CM to check which translation pattern the call is matching. However, when logging in to Cisco Unified Serviceability there is no option for Dialed Number Analyzer under the tool menu.

Which two steps must be performed to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

21. A user in location X dials an extension at location Y. The call travels through a QoS-enabled WAN network, but the user experiences choppy or clipped audio.

What is the cause of this issue?

22. Refer to the exhibit.

Users report that outbound PSTN calls from phones registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager are not completing. The local service provider in North America has a requirement to receive calls in 10-digit format. The Cisco Unified CM sends the calls to the Cisco Unified Border Element router in a globalized E.164 format. There is an outbound dial peer on Cisco Unified Border Element configured to send the calls to the provider. The dial peer has a voice translation profile applied in the correct direction but an incorrect voice translation rule applied, which is shown in the exhibit.

Which rule modified DNIS in the format that the provider is expecting?

23. An administrator is configuring a cluster for ILS and wants to limit the amount of entities that Cisco Unified Communications Manager can write to the database for data that is learned through ILS.

Which service parameter is used to adjust this limit?

24. An engineer must configure a secure SIP trunk with a remote provider, with a specific requirement to use port 5065 for inbound and otubound traffic.

Which two items must be configured to complete this configuration? (Choose two.)

25. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is troubleshooting a problem in which some outbound calls from an internal network to the Internet telephony service provider are not getting connected, but some others connect successfully. The firewall team found that some call attempts on port 5060 came from an unrecognized IP that has not been defined in the firewall rule.

What should the administrator configure in the Cisco Unified Border Element to fix this issue?

26. Which two configuration parameters are prerequisites to set Native Call Queuing on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

27. If all patterns below are configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager which would be used when dialing the pattern “123”?

28. A customer is using a SIP trunk to route calls to ITSP to decrease the possibility of downtime, the customer invested in a failover device How does the customer ensure reachability to ITSP, so that if one device on ITSP fails, the calls will be routed to another device?

29. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is troubleshooting an issue where inbound Calls are failing after they transferred. The provider reports that update is not supported, and this is causing the calls to fail.

Which command should resolve this issue?

30. When locations-based Call Admission Control denies the call, which two masks can AAR apply when routing the call through the PSTN? (Choose two.)


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