C1000-026 IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Real Dumps 2020

C1000-026 IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Fundamental Administration exam is available now for your two certifications:

  • IBM Certified Associate Administrator – IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2

IBM Certified Associate Administrator – IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 certification is an entry level certification, which is intended for administrators who can demonstrate basic support and technical knowledge of IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2, including implementation and management of an IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 solution. This certification requires you pass IBM C1000-026 exam successfully.

  • IBM Certified SOC Analyst – IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2

In collaboration with CompTIA, IBM added IBM Certified SOC Analyst – IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 certification for all the technical professionals. To achieve this intermediate level certification, candidates need to pass CS0-001 and C1000-026 exams successfully.

We have released IBM C1000-026 exam dumps to help you pass IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Fundamental Administration C1000-026 exam successfully.

You can check free C1000-026 IBM questions first online:

1. An administrator needs to import data into QRadar for a specific use case. The data that has been provided to the administrator is stored in records that map a key to a value.

Which type of data collection must the administrator create?


2. An administrator needs to know if a custom rule is being correlated correctly.

Which QRadar component is responsible for this process?


3. An administrator needs to collect logs from the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Which command should the administrator use?


4. To comply with specific regulations, an administrator has been requested to increase asset retention to 365 days.

In which QRadar section can the administrator find the asset retention settings?


5. A QRadar administrator added High Availability (HA) to the Event Processor and needs to verify the crossover link status between the primary and secondary hosts.

Which commands can be used to verify the crossover status? (Choose two.)


6. Which event routing rule is required to add QRadar Data Store (QDS) capability to a deployment?


7. An administrator is seeing the following system notification:

38750057 C A protocol source configuration may be stopping events from being collected.

What is a valid user action to this issue?


8. An administrator needs to import a list of HR staff logins into a reference set.

Which file type can be used with the import function in the reference set editor window?


9. An administrator is about to integrate logs from a custom firewall in a QRadar deployment using syslog. The SIEM has two domains, namely Domain A and Domain B.

While reviewing the following sample logs, the administrator notices a “context” keyword:

May 14 11:05:01 20190514 11:05:00 context=contextA permit source:; source_port: 64094; destination:; service: 53; protocol: udp;

May 13 12:07:01 20190513 11:07:00 context=contextB permit source:; source_port: 64094; destination:; service: 53; protocol: udp;

Which options assign the “contextA” logs to DomainA and the “contextB” logs to domain B? (Choose two.)


10. An administrator plans to deploy multiple log sources that share a common configuration.

How many log sources can be added at one time?


11. 168.67.0/24

What is the correct supernet for these subnets?


12. Due to regulatory constraints, an administrator must increase the minimum password length and complexity.

In which QRadar section can the administrator change this setting?


13. Which log should be reviewed to determine the reasons a patch installer did not proceed during a QRadar upgrade?


14. An administrator has added a new Event Processor to a QRadar deployment.

How many events per second (EPS) are granted from the temporary license and how many days will those EPS last?


15. How many default dashboards does QRadar have?


16. An administrator has to change the system hardware clock of the QRadar server. The administrator has already restarted the main services (hostservices, tomcat, hostcontext) and needs to synchronize the QRadar Console time with the QRadar managed hosts.

Which command can the administrator use to accomplish this?


17. Selected Authentication for Rule Group.

What is the next step the administrator needs to perform for the Rule option?


18. An administrator needs to extract a property from an intrusion detection system (IDS) log. Using a regular expression, the administrator wants to extract a specific part of the log showing the matching “policy ID” of the IDS.

Which type of property must the administrator create?


19. A company has two different domains in their IBM QRadar system: Domain_A and Domain_B. An administrator has been tasked to create a rule to look only at events that are tagged with Domain_A and ignore rules that are tagged with the other domains.

What domain text should the administrator use to create this rule?


20. What is a reason for restarting hostcontext service in QRadar?


21. Which of the following dashboards is a QRadar default Dashboard?


22. A QRadar user reported the following notification:

38750099 C The accumulator was unable to aggregate all events/flows for this interval

When does this message appear?


23. An administrator has been asked to configure a new QRadar console high availability (HA) deployment. Both the primary and secondary consoles have been installed with the QRadar software.

What should the administrator do to complete the HA configuration?


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