Adobe Experience Manager Exam AD0-E100 Dumps Questions

Adobe AEM Assets Developer certification is AEM Developers and Architects that specialize in managing assets. It requires you pass AD0-E100 exam. When planning for AD0-E100 Adobe Experience Manager Assets Developer certification exam, you can come here to get the most accuate AD0-E100 dumps questions as the preparation materials. We ensure that you can pass Adobe AEM certification AD0-E100 exam in the first try.

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1. An author uploads a PDF document and receives a “Restricted Files” error.

What is causing this problem?

2. A company requires importing more than 1000 images at once regularly. During the import process, the Author instance becomes very slow or unresponsive.

What should a developer do to avoid this result?

3. A company uploaded several images that represent products, and each product is associated with a unique SKU number. The product owner would like the ability to search for multiple products by SKU number.

What two steps must be completed to do this? (Choose two.)

4. A developer writes the following code to programmatically copy an existing asset to another folder in the DAM:

After executing this code, the developer receives the following exception: javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException

What caused this issue?

5. A developer modified the default image metadata schema to include a text field with the property 'myProject:photographer'. While testing, the developer edited the metadata of an asset and entered the name 'Sebastião Salgado' onto the custom field.

However, the developer encountered an issue and noticed that the value of the custom field is not displaying on a component.

What is a possible cause of this issue?

6. A company has a set of DAM assets related to “hiking”. Most of the assets have the keyword “hiking” in title and/or description in the metadata, and they are showing up in omnisearch while searching for “hiking”. Another set of mountain assets are later added to the DAM without the “hiking” keyword in their metadata.

What changes can be done to include the mountain assets in the top of the result while searching for “hiking”?

7. A developer created a custom metadata profile and assigned default values to some fields. The developer applied this custom profile to a folder in the DAM that already uses a different metadata profile. When viewing the metadata properties of the existing assets in a subfolder, the developer noticed that the custom metadata profile was not applied to these assets.

What is the cause of this issue?

8. A resource has already been resolved.

What is the best way to modify a property of an asset resource in an OSGi service implementation?

9. A developer is trying to use the out-of-the-box Image component to display a 1600 pixel x 1125 pixel image on an AEM site. The web image used is being downscaled to 1280 pixels.

Which two must be modified to render images with dimensions larger than 1280 pixels? (Choose two.)

10. A client wants to prevent users from adding ZIP files to the DAM. If a user uploads a ZIP file, it must automatically be replaced with a folder that contains the content of that ZIP file.

Which workflow should be used to achieve this goal?

11. Why should Asset Filters be set up when using Dynamic Media for video-only deployments?

12. A user has created a custom metadata schema that includes a multi value text field. After modifying the file that the metadata has been applied to, the user discovers that the property corresponding to the multi value text field contains a new value.

What does this mean?

13. A user would like to create watermarked renditions of some assets in AEM Assets.

Which of the following would you recommend as a workflow strategy that best achieves this goal?

14. A client, using a workflow in AEM Assets involving several participant steps, would like to create a new version of the asset before each participant step.

What is the simplest workflow strategy for achieving this goal?

15. A package is exported from one AEM server (Server A) using the following filter.xml file:

This content package is deployed to another AEM server (Server B).

Which two results occur? (Choose two.)


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