Adobe Certified Instructor for Creative Cloud Video Editing Solutions AD0-C102 Dumps Questions

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1. You are -working on a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. You would like to create a new graphic in Adobe Photoshop to incorporate in the current sequence.

How can you create a new Photoshop file with settings that match the current Premiere Pro sequence?

2. You have edited a multicamera source sequence into a large! sequence. You want to view the footage from multiple cameras simultaneously.

How do you enable Multi-Camera editing in the Program Monitor?

3. You have restored an archived project. When you open the project you discover that the preview dies were not included m the archive.

How can you re-create them?

4. You have created a project that includes several elements you expect to use in future projects.

What is the most efficient way to save time when creating similar projects?

5. You have made some changes to the export settings and want to create these settings as an Export preset.

How should you do this?

6. You want to configure a preset to adjust the timing of keyframes to fit the duration of the target clip.

In the Save Preset dialog, which option should you select?

7. You shot an interview with two separate cameras, and you notice that the colors of the two cameras do not match.

How can you view both clips at the same time to make a comparison?

8. A graphic in the Source Monitor seems to have a black background and you are not sure if it has an Alpha channel.

How can you set The Source Monitor to display the graphic contents along with areas of Transparency rather than with a black background?

9. You are working on a computer that has relatively low RAM and need to balance available memory between video editing and other computer system demands.

How can you adjust the amount of RAM reserved for Adobe Creative Cloud applications?

10. You have an image with low rectangular logos, but you only want to use oneof the logos in your timeline.

How can you achieve this?

11. You want to adjust only the color of the sky of a clip m a sequence.

Which tool in Adobe Premiere Pro should you use to do this?

12. You want to create proxies in Premiere Pro- and the existing presets are not suitable for your media.

How do you create a custom Ingest preset for Premiere Pro?

13. You need lo dean up a noisy audio clip that has been edited into a sequence.

What is the most efficient way to send a clip from the Timeline panel in Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition?

14. In the Export Settings panel, you need to export something as a .mov (QuickTime). You see that QuickTime is a choice in the Formats dropdown menu, but find that the Presets have different choices for video codecs.

How do these choices affect the exported file?

15. You are working on a mixed media project.

What is the most important parameter when setting up a new sequence?

16. You are working on a project using the latest operating system and a certified supported video card.

How should Adobe Premiere Pro be configured to take advantage of the GPU processing power for faster rendering?

17. The Timeline panel is active with multiple dips m a sequence. You press the Up arrow key while working in the Timeline and the playhead jumps to the beginning of the sequence.

Why does this happen?

18. The Media Cache Files in Premiere Pro are by default stored here:

• Mac Users: Macintosh HD/Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common

• Windows Users: C: UsersUserName AppDataRoamingAdobeCommon

Where can you change this location?

19. You want to create a custom shortcut to give clips on the Timeline a specific label color.

How do you accomplish this?

20. You have winged all the voice over clips in a sequence on a single track.

How can you conveniently adjust the audio level for the sequence voice over clips?


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