Adobe Audience Manager(AAM) Architect AD0-E452 Real Dumps Questions

Professionals who have 3 or more years of experience with data management platforms can choose to pass AD0-E452 exam for About Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Audience Manager Architect certification. We have AD0-E452 real dumps questions online to help you complete the AAM Architect AD0-E452 exam successfully. Real AD0-E452 exam requires you answer 81 questions in 135 minutes. We now have 81 practice questions in AAM Architect AD0-E452 real exam dumps questions. You need to read them for good preparation.

Free AD0-E452 AAM Architect Dumps Questions Online

1. A large bank needs to develop the taxonomy to manage its assets in the Audience Manager given the following scenario:

– Collects site activity data from multiple websites set up for a respective Line of Business (LOB)

– Has extensive data available in CRM system on its current customers

– Tracks media in DMP (Display, Video, Search, Social, etc.)

– Has multiple teams and partners using the data available within Audience Manager for audience development

– Uses Audience Manager as a central platform to develop and activate audiences in owned and paid channels

Which recommendation should an architect make for Traits name taxonomy development?


2. An architect is examining the network traffic on a client’s website to verify that server-side forwarding is working correctly.

What should the architect look for in the response to the Adobe Analytics call?


3. Instant suppression of recent converters

Which data collection method should the architect recommend?


4. A Marketing Manager launches a Display campaign and needs to track what media creative visitors are seeing most often. The traits are set up properly, but do not show any data.{%site_ID%}&d_creative={%creative_id%}

What is causing this issue?


5. A client needs to send marketing emails using Adobe Campaign to all customers who have logged in to the website within the past 30 days but have only bought products at a retail store location. These customers are represented in AAM using the segment name of “1st Party: Recent Visitor C Retail Shoppers”.

Which identifier should an architect use to meet these requirements?


6. A client wants to increase website performance by limiting the number of Experience Cloud JavaScript server calls.

Which action should the architect recommend to meet the requirements?


7. A global telecommunications company wants to allow its business practitioners to create onboarded traits for onboarded first-party data through Natural Match.

The business practitioners only have access to their own region-specific data sources.

– The Customer ID is synched with Data Source ID: 432145.

– The Latin America Business Practitioner has access to Data Source ID: 761432.

– Adobe Experience Cloud ID is enabled.

– The files are split by each region.

Which design should the architect select to meet these requirements?


8. A customer wants to update all trait rules in AAM.

Which API sequence should the customer use?


9. An architect needs to devise a plan to capture user activity given the following scenario:

– A credit card company plans to run an acquisition program in partnership with a hospitality company.

– The hospitality company agrees to advertise the credit card company’s product offer on its website to its current customers.

– The hospitality company redirects the current customers to the credit card company’s website to apply for the credit card after clicking on the advertisement.

– The hospitality company wants to track the members’ actions on the credit card application pages in Audience Manager.

What should an architect recommend to meet these requirements?


10. A software company is interested in alerting current customers about upcoming webinars. The company recently published white papers across owned channels.

The client’s IT organization has made the following digital investments:

– Adobe Audience Manager, Analytics, and Target

– CMS, CRM, and email platforms from third parties

– An internally developed data store

Which approach should be used to meet the requirements?


11. A client wants to share audiences with a media partner for targeting. The media partner also uses Audience Manager. The client wants to target audiences in media that visited its website in the past 30 days. The client has not signed up for Audience Marketplace yet.

Which audience sharing approach should an architect recommend?


12. An online retailer successfully sold a promotional product on a holiday and decides to begin selling it full-time in the product catalog.

Which AAM capability should be recommended to help expand the customer base for this new product?


13. An eCommerce client acquires Adobe Audience Manager as its DMP to personalize content areas on the landing page based on users’ shopping history and ad impressions. The client currently uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for content management. Adobe Target for content personalization, and a non-Adobe Ad server.

Which integration approach is needed to meet these requirements?


14. A client notifies an architect that Declared ID sync is not working when a site visitor authenticates. The architect first checks the AAM Data Source to make sure it is set up properly.

– ID: 543213

– Integration Code: cust_id

– ID Type: Cross Device

– ID Definition: Person

– Data Source Settings (Inbound): Customer ID

After checking the debugging tool, the architect sees the below data points returned upon authenticating on site.

d_cid_ic: 2991c7a7-6fc74f-431jc12

d_jsonv: 1


d_mid: 16184299510823404650127548759430712925

Why is the Declared ID sync failing to working properly?


15. A company is using Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Target and has implemented the Experience Cloud Visitor ID Service. The client wants to customize website content using Adobe Target, based on first-party data including time on site. The company has asked their architect whether they should push segments to Adobe Target from Adobe Analytics or from Audience Manager.

What two requirements should the architect verify prior to making a recommendation? (Choose two.)


16. A telecommunications company is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. It wants to serve a personalized experience to its customers based on how long they have been with the company. The company stores the long form data of their first contract.

How should an architect recommend incorporating this data into Audience Manager?


17. Refer to the exhibit.

A client wants to understand how its Display Media optimization programs are performing by AAM Segment. The client wants to produce a report as outlined in Exhibit A.

What should an architect recommend the implementation team do to capture the data in the impressions column?


18. A retailer wants to re-target new site visitors on partner sites through a Demand Side Platform (DSP) to increase ad targeting effectiveness.

Which approach should the retailer select?


19. An architect is reviewing a client’s marketing technology stack to recommend a web implementation approach for collecting real-time first-party online data. The client plans to use Adobe Audience Manager to build rich audiences and activate them.

Which three technologies should inform the architect’s recommendation to the client? (Choose three.)


20. An architect is requested to design the taxonomy (Trait Name, Trait Rule) for media data collected using Audience Manager media tracking pixel implemented in the client’s ad server.

Client tracks the following media data points IDs in the Audience Manager:

– Campaign

– Creative

– Placement

– Site

The client needs to be able to validate that:

– The Trait Name represents the correct data point

– The Trait Expression represents the correct data point

Which approach should a solution architect recommend for Trait Name and Trait Expression setup?


21. A high-tech client that caters to privacy-conscious customers reports that 70% of their website visitors use Ad Blocking software. The client still wants to serve personalized messaging to visitors on using AAM segments.

Which option should an architect implement to meet this requirement?


22. A credit card company monetizes their audiences by offering ad inventory to airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies. The company wants to obtain third-party data to enrich their audiences. The architect needs to help evaluate AAM data partners based on a description of their current segment offerings.

Which data partner’s segment should the architect recommend?


23. An e-commerce client needs to personalize customer experience on its website. The client plans to use Audience Manager for audience development and activation across website, email, and display media platforms.

The client has made the following investments and cannot make any more technology investments in the next 2 to 3 years:

– Adobe Audience Manager

– developed Content Management System (CMS)

– developed Site Personalization platform that supports API-based integration

– Adobe Campaign

– Adobe Advertising Cloud

– Adobe Analytics

What should a solution architect recommend to this client for experience personalization on the website?


24. A client implements Search and Display media partners’ remarketing pixels on its website to re-target site visitors with product offerings.

– None of these media partners currently have integration with the Audience Manager.

– The client has implemented Audience Manager as its DMP solution to create richer target audience segments using the data points enabled from other data sources including the client’s CRM system, media, site behavior, third-party data services, and email programs.

– The client wants to leverage these richer data sets to enhance the efficiency of the remarketing programs.

Which approach should an architect recommend to activate the audiences from Audience Manager into the platforms of these media partners for targeting?


25. A travel company wants to segment users based on their activity across a maximum of four devices.

Which Profile Merge Rule should be used?


26. An electronics company plans to target audiences on its own web properties and through paid advertising. There are multiple lines of business, each with well-defined strategies for driving results. The architect has recommended a naming convention to make it easier for digital marketers to locate their segments in the Audience Manager UI.

Which segment name meets these requirements?


27. What is the minimum required information in the file name for audiences onboarded from the CRM system?


28. A travel company wants to serve a unique website experience on the first page when a Platinum Member returns to the site.

– The travel company does not have Adobe Analytics.

– The travel company is not using Adobe Target.

– The travel company is using a proprietary Site Personalization Platform.

– AAM has a Cookie Based integration with the Site Personalization Platform.

– The DIL code is located in the body.

– The Site Personalization code is located in the header.

What should the architect recommend to enable this use case?


29. A client notices that the traits set up to collect the new attributes in the Natural Match file onboarded last week still do not show any data. After verifying that the trait was set up as an Onboarded Trait, the architect checks the Onboarding Status Report to troubleshoot why no data is showing in AAM for that trait.

– Stored Records: 0

– Format Error: 0

– Invalid AAM ID: 0

– No Trait Realized: 123,045

– No Matching AAM ID: 4,121

Why is the trait failing to capture any data?


30. A company wants to remove specific customers from a single trait using an onboarded batch file.

What prefix and file type should an architect use to accomplish this goal?


31. A large automobile manufacturer needs to enhance their optimization efforts by using data from one of their insurance partners. The manufacturer needs to match their make/model information with the insurance company’s currently insured vehicle, location, and family size.

Which two options could the architect take to enable this relationship? (Choose two.)


32. An Adobe Target client recently acquired Audience Manager to manage and activate its audiences in the targeting platforms including Adobe Target. The client is planning to implement Experience Cloud ID service in the next 6 months. The client would like to share the audiences with Adobe Target for an onsite promotion program planned to launch next month.

Which recommendation should an architect make to the client?


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