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1. A campaign target population is cut at 100 random records to receive a limited offer. When the Campaign developer goes to approve the targeting for the offer, only 90 records are available. Ten records have been removed by a required topology rule Less than 18 Years Old.

A Campaign developer must make sure exactly 100 records are selected and sent an offer while ensuring compliance.

How should the Campaign developer perform this task?

2. A Campaign developer must configure a campaign hierarchy.

Campaign configurations are as follows:

- Campaigns are budgeted and planned quarterly (Example: 2017 Q1)

- Campaigns are divided into three types: Product Promotional, Communication, Account Maintenance

- Campaigns run weekly (Example: Week1, Week2...)

How should the Campaign developer configure the campaign hierarchy?

3. A client wants to use Amazon Redshift to install Adobe Campaign in a hybrid AWS environment to hold all customer data.

Which step must be taken to utilize this type of data?

4. A Campaign developer creates an alert notification with the variable vars.recCount.

What is the result?

5. A Campaign developer is adding a schema to the existing data model.

Which step must be performed for the table to be used in Adobe Campaign queries?

6. A Campaign developer is creating a flag to identify recipients who have specified date of birth.

The Campaign developer codes the expression as follows in an enrichment activity:

lif([target/birthDate] is null, ‘N’, ‘Y’)

When the developer goes to save the expression, the following error displays:

Element ‘birthDate’ unknown (see definition of schema ‘Recipients (nms:recipient)’)


The path ‘/target/birthDate’ is invalid in schema ‘Enrichment 2 (temp:enrich2-src)'.


Unable to parse expression ‘lif([Itarget/birthDate] is null, 'N’ Y’)‘

What is the problem with this expression?

7. A Campaign developer must store a dynamically created email subject line code from a campaign workflow.

How should the Campaign developer meet this requirement?

8. A workflow is using two Query activities that select recipients who have bought specific products. Each Query activity stores the product as additional data. Both Query activities are then added into a Union activity joining using the keys only option.

What should be the expected results of the Union activity?

9. Which of the following is a server command?

10. A Campaign developer must create a workflow to extract a set of specific records to a flat file each day.

Which three workflow activities are required? (Choose three.)

11. A Campaign must exclude anyone who has received a different email sent from Adobe.

Which table should a Campaign developer query to find the people that have received the other email?

12. A user in the campaign manager group opens a workflow and clicks to open a delivery.

After the delivery opens, the following error is thrown:

Cannot load document of type ‘Deliveries (nms:delivery)’ satisfying condition ‘(@id=12345678) AND ((@deleteStatus = 0))’.

The requested database record does not exist.

What is the most likely cause of this error?

13. Where do you define a new type of folder?

14. How should a Campaign developer prepare an encrypted flat file for use with a campaign workflow as the starting population?

15. The client needs to load multiple files. The files must be loaded in a specific order based on data dependencies.

How should the client ensure the order and dependencies?


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