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Question No : 1

interface Rideable {Car getCar (String name); }
class Car {
private String name;
public Car (String name) {
this.name = name;
Which code fragment creates an instance of Car?
A. Car auto = Car (¡°MyCar¡±):: new;
B. Car auto = Car: : new; Car vehicle = auto : : getCar(¡°MyCar¡±);
C. Rideable rider = Car: : new; Car vehicle = rider.getCar(¡°MyCar¡±);
D. Car vehicle = Rideable: : new : : getCar(¡°MyCar¡±);
Answer: C

Question No : 2

Given the definition of the Country class:
public class country {
public enum Continent {ASIA, EUROPE}
String name;
Continent region;
public Country (String na, Continent reg) {
name = na, region = reg;
public String getName () {return name;}
public Continent getRegion () {return region;}
and the code fragment:
List<Country> couList = Arrays.asList (
new Country (¡°Japan¡±, Country.Continent.ASIA),
new Country (¡°Italy¡±, Country.Continent.EUROPE),
new Country (¡°Germany¡±, Country.Continent.EUROPE));
Map<Country.Continent, List<String>> regionNames = couList.stream ()
.collect(Collectors.groupingBy (Country ::getRegion,
Collectors.mapping(Country::getName, Collectors.toList()))));
What is the output?
A. {EUROPE = [Italy, Germany], ASIA = [Japan]}
B. {ASIA = [Japan], EUROPE = [Italy, Germany]}
C. {EUROPE = [Germany, Italy], ASIA = [Japan]}
D. {EUROPE = [Germany], EUROPE = [Italy], ASIA = [Japan]}
Answer: A

Question No : 3

Given the code fragments:
interface CourseFilter extends Predicate<String> {
public default boolean test (String str) {
return str.equals (¡°Java¡±);
List<String> strs = Arrays.asList (¡°Java¡±, ¡°Java EE¡±, ¡°Java ME¡±);
Predicate<String> cf1 = s - > s.length () > 3;
Predicate cf2 = new CourseFilter () {//line n1
public boolean test (String s) {
return s.contains (¡°Java¡±);
long c = strs.stream()
.filter (cf1)
.filter(cf2//line n2
.count ();
What is the result?
A. 2
B. 3
C. A compilation error occurs atline n1.
D. A compilation error occurs atline n2.
Answer: A

Question No : 4

class Sum extends RecursiveAction { //line n1
static final int THRESHOLD_SIZE = 3;
int stIndex, lstIndex;
int [ ] data;
public Sum (int [ ]data, int start, int end) {
this.data = data;
this stIndex = start;
this. lstIndex = end;
protected void compute ( ) {
int sum = 0;
if (lstIndex ¨C stIndex <= THRESHOLD_SIZE) {
for (int i = stIndex; i < lstIndex; i++) {
sum += data [i];
} else {
new Sum (data, stIndex + THRESHOLD_SIZE, lstIndex).fork( );
new Sum (data, stIndex,
Math.min (lstIndex, stIndex + THRESHOLD_SIZE)
).compute ();
and the code fragment:
ForkJoinPool fjPool = new ForkJoinPool ( );

fjPool.invoke (new Sum (data, 0, data.length));
Which statement is true?
A. The program prints several values that total 55.
B. The program prints 55.
C. A compilation error occurs atline n1.
D. The program prints several values whose sum exceeds 55.
Answer: C

Question No : 5

Given the definition of the Vehicle class:
Class Vehhicle {
int distance;//line n1
Vehicle (int x) {
this distance = x;
public void increSpeed(int time) {//line n2
int timeTravel = time;//line n3
class Car {
int value = 0;
public void speed () {
value = distance /timeTravel;
System.out.println (¡°Velocity with new speed¡±+value+¡±kmph¡±);
new Car().speed();
and this code fragment:
Vehicle v = new Vehicle (100);
What is the result?
A. Velocity with new speed
B. A compilation error occurs atline n1.
C. A compilation error occurs atline n2.
D. A compilation error occurs atline n3.
Answer: A

Question No : 6

IntStream stream = IntStream.of (1, 2,3);
IntFunction<Integer> inFu= x -> y -> x*y;//line n1
IntStream newStream = stream.map (inFu.apply(10));//line n2
Which modification enables the code fragment to compile?
A. Replaceline n1with:
IntFunction<UnaryOperator> inFu = x -> y -> x*y;
B. Replaceline n1with:
IntFunction<IntUnaryOperator> inFu = x -> y -> x*y;
C. Replaceline n1with:
BiFunction<IntUnaryOperator> inFu = x -> y -> x*y;
D. Replaceline n2with:
IntStream newStream = stream.map(inFu.applyAsInt (10));
Answer: D

Question No : 7

Given the code fragments:
class Employee {
Optional<Address> address;
Employee (Optional<Address> address) {
this.address = address;
public Optional<Address> getAddress() { return address; }
class Address {
String city = ¡°New York¡±;
public String getCity { return city: }
public String toString() {
return city;
Address address = null;
Optional<Address> addrs1 = Optional.ofNullable (address);
Employee e1 = new Employee (addrs1);
String eAddress = (addrs1.isPresent ()) ? addrs1.get ().getCity() : ¡°City Not
What is the result?
A. New York
B. City Not available
C. null
D. ANoSuchElementExceptionis thrown at run time.
Answer: C

Question No : 8

class Vehicle {
int vno;
String name;
public Vehicle (int vno, String name) {
this.vno = vno,;
this.name = name;
public String toString () {
return vno + ¡°:¡± + name;
and this code fragment:
Set<Vehicle> vehicles = new TreeSet <> ();
vehicles.add(new Vehicle (10123, ¡°Ford¡±));
vehicles.add(new Vehicle (10124, ¡°BMW¡±));
What is the result?
A. 10123 Ford 10124 BMW
B. 10124 BMW 10123 Ford
C. A compilation error occurs.
D. A ClassCastExceptionis thrown at run time.
Answer: B

Question No : 9


Which two modifications enable the code to compile?
A. At line 1, removeabstract
B. At line 9, insertsuper ( );
C. At line 12, removepublic
D. At line 17, insertsuper (x);
E. At line 17, insertsuper (); super.side = x;
F. At line 20, usepublic void area ( ) {
Answer: C,D

Question No : 10

Given the code fragment:
List<Integer> values = Arrays.asList (1, 2, 3);
values.stream ()
.map(n -> n*2)//line n1
.peek(System.out::print)//line n2
What is the result?
A. 246
B. The code produces no output.
C. A compilation error occurs atline n1.
D. A compilation error occurs atline n2.
Answer: A

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